Our Quest

We understand how tricky it is to balance aesthetics, utility, and responsible living. That’s why we make thoughtfully designed, sustainably crafted, long-lasting pieces that allow your passions to complement – not compete with – your space.

Arcanium co-founders Ben and Kevin sitting by a fire pit laughing while reviewing prototypes.

Our Backstory

Arcanium began in September 2020, when co-founders Ben Rehm and Kevin Du set out to create the best looking, easiest-to-use multipurpose dining table in existence.

With industrial designer Zac Feltoon, we undertook an intensive development process that involved hundreds of design revisions, thousands of work hours, and the construction of several full scale prototypes. In 2024, after three years of R&D, we launched our debut flagship product: the 260 Hybrid Table.

Our headquarters is virtual, but we do operate an in-house prototype workshop in Los Angeles, California. We partner with North American companies and factories as much as we can, to both reduce transportation emissions and to support domestic craftsmanship.

We're currently working on several exciting product concepts, so check back often for updates!

Our Team

Kevin Du, Co-founder and Managing Director
Ben Rehm, Co-founder and Head of Product Development
Zac Feltoon, Design Director